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Chai Spices are a Rich Source of Antioxidants and Polyphenols.

Focus & Energy

7-spice Classic Chai

Arise Brain Boost Tea box

Detox & Digestion

5-spice Exotic Chai

Elevate Gut Power Tea

Sleep & Immunity

5-spice Green Chai

Fortify Immunity Restore Tea


I am loving these teas! When I’m craving something sweet at night and don’t want the calories, tea is the way to go. And, Dupi’s Chai OMG FLAVOUR! So, many exotic spices and delicious taste and made in Vancouver BC. Highly Recommend.

Heidi Cannon , @heidi.cannon.boomboom @mrscannonskitchen_cannonballs

“I’m not much of a Tea or Chai drinker but was excited to try this product based on the health benefits stated.
I was fully prepared with a spoon full of honey if need be, but to my pleasant surprise Arise Chai was smooth and delicious.
I enjoyed it black, steeped in water with no added sweetener. There was a natural sweetness to it.”

John Kapp, @kappy4831
green tea in a cup healthy

“I really am enjoying  my DupisChai  loose leaf tea and the tea bags. It’s my favorite tea now!
I absolutely love the smell and the fact that the ingredients have health benefits!
I definitely will continue to order once I run out.”

Lisa Kelly
” As a reformed coffee drinker, Dupi’s Chai have been amazing not only for my caffeine habit, but because of their delicious taste. The spices are smooth and well balanced and add a delicious flavour. I also love knowing that the spices don’t merely act as fillers, but are giving me added health benefits. My afternoon tea has never been so delicious!”
Raj Grewal, @thismamaneedsavacay

I’m not usually a tea drinker but Dupi’s Chai is definitely changing that!
I am a huge fan of spices, which is why Elevate is my go-to blend.
It is the best thing to have to settle my stomach after eating a big meal.

Austin Ngo, @austy_aesthetics

“Really enjoying the Elevate blend from @dupischai. Great spice blend. Cinnamon and ginger predominate. Light touch of star anise. I added a splash of unsweetened oat milk. Very good.
The Fortify blend from Dupi’s Chai is really good…it feels like a (tasty) “tonic” when you drink it.”

Tracy (Tea Blogger), @teainfusiast

“I highly recommend Dupi’s high quality tea blends. They are absolutely divine!
Smooth, full of flavour and packed with antioxidants. Love it!”

Monita Triplett (Holistic Nutrition), @monita.triplette

I used to have coffee when I got home from a good ride and now I’m into Dupi’s Chai. And I love my coffee.
Really enjoying the different flavours, calming effect, and recovery.

Rick Richardson, @ridley_rick

“I’m not normally a huge tea drinker, but I love that Arise Chai can be incorporated into my morning routine to help give my mind and body the metabolism and cognition boost that I need. With a dash of almond milk and honey, Arise is also enjoyed as a moment of mindfulness for me in the midst my busy family life.”

Kath Erine, FB Review

Dupi’s Chai is one of the best chai blends I’ve tried! I can truly taste how fresh the spices are, and I’m so amazed with how many beneficial ingredients are packed into just one teabag. Lately, I’ve had friends who come over JUST to have a cup of chai. Haha.

Jeannelle-Marie, @naturallynelliee

“I wanna share my experience with Dupi Chai – highly recommend it.
It helps me release all my days stress and feeling refreshed after having cup of it.
I already share quality of Dupi Chai in my circle.
Thanks a lot for serving Vancouver community with quality Chai”

Mohsin ali khan, FB Review

I’ve been incorporating Dupi’s tea into my mid day routine and it’s AWESOME!
It not only tastes great but I know it’s helping me stay on track and create healthy habits.

Aman K., @aman_k283
fortify Chai review

Fortify tea is so yummy! It’s smooth from the green tea and super flavourful from all the spices.
I love making mine with some soy milk and a little sugar…
it’s the perfect drink after a tough workout or just a long day.

Emily Faris, @emilyfairs

“The first thing I noticed about this tea was the mouth watering aroma that wafted from the box. This tea is the real deal when it comes to chai.
Perfectly spiced and natural.
You can tell that there aren’t artificial flavours or ingredients in here.
My favourite way is to enjoy this is to heat up almond milk on the stove while steeping a tea bag or two and adding a splash of honey. Delicious!”

Tifa Tee, @tifffanytee

“As a believer in the power of spices for immune, digestion, gut & brain health, I highly recommend Dupi’s Chai!
It’s a perfect blend of teas and spices that doesn’t only support your health goals but tastes really good too!”

Bernadette, Holistic Nutritionist, @byogawellness


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