Strengthen your body and mind with powerful spice-focused tea blends.

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I really am enjoying  my DupisChai  loose leaf tea and the tea bags.
It’s my favorite tea now! I absolutely love the smell and the fact that the ingredients have health benefits!
I definitely will continue to order once I run out.
Lisa Kelly , Pittsburgh, USA #FortifyBlend

I’m not much of a Tea or Chai drinker but was excited to try this product based on the health benefits stated. I was fully prepared with a spoon full of honey if need be, but to my pleasant surprise Arise Chai was smooth and delicious. I enjoyed it black, steeped in water with no added sweetener. There was a natural sweetness to it. #AriseBlend

John Kapp, British Columbia, Canada #AriseBlend

I’m not usually a tea drinker but Dupi’s Chai is definitely changing that! I am a huge fan of spices, which is why Elevate is my go-to blend.

It is the best thing to have to settle my stomach after eating a big meal. #ElevateBlend

Austin Ngo, British Columbia, Canada #ElevateBlend
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