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Multi-Functional Chai Blends

Arise Blend


Arise Chai tea box design

Elevate Blend

Gut Health|Detox|Digestion

Elevate Chai box design

Fortify Blend

Immunity | Recovery | Sleep

Fortify Chai Tea

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Reviews and Testimonials

Taste—it tastes very smooth and rich, not overpowering or spicy.  I would steep it at least 5 minutes.  It is quite invigorating, and very nice to drink, especially as I’m jet lagged right now.

Convenient—I did a chai blend myself and it was so much work. From grinding the cardamom and cinnamon, adding the black tea…it took me about 1/2 hour to make a chai. This is a really nice alternative that only takes 5 minutes. It’s perfect for when you want to have chai quickly and don’t want to make your own brew and grind your own spices.

DupisChai @teaproukTea Expert - London, England, @teaprouk

I love that Fortify is restoring for the body.  It’s my go-to in the evenings. I enjoy it with splash of almond milk and touch of honey.

Already stocked up for the winter and flu season. It’s also a tea that guests love!

turmeric benefits fortify chaiKatherine J. - Surrey B.C. , Elementry School Teacher

I love your Chai Dupi! For a long time I’ve been really wanting to bring balance to my stressful life and match my training with my diet. I really believe in your stuff and am inspired by the work ethic you and your husband have in and outside of the gym #WakeUpAndGrind.

DUPIsCHAI reviewKristian A. - Vancouver B.C. , Professional Athlete @kriandrew22

I’m not much of a Tea or Chai drinker but was excited to try this product based on the health benefits stated. I was fully prepared with a spoon full of honey if need be, but to my pleasant surprise Arise Chai was smooth and delicious. I enjoyed it black, steeped in water with no added sweetener. There was a natural sweetness to it. I gave it 4.5 stars for the taste, pleasant fragrance, and most importantly the health benefits this delicious product contains.

John K. - Delta BC, Retired, Lifter and enjoying the good life.

I’m not usually a tea drinker but Dupi’s Chai is definitely changing that! I am a huge fan of spices, which is why Elevate is my go-to blend. It is the best thing to have to settle my stomach after eating a big meal.

Love this aromatic and flavorful tea! Kudos to this local company for focusing on natural ingredients with health benefits that are derived from traditional spices used in chai.

green tea in a cup healthyMandeep A. - Surrey BC, High school Teacher

I just received your wonderful tea boxes today at lunch! Perfect timing!

Thank you so much! The boxes are really beautiful! I shared them with the staff! They liked it especially the Elevate Brand! It smelled so good in the staff room! Everyone was curious!

fortify Chai reviewMichala C. - Delta, B.C., Kindergarden Teacher

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Antioxidant Power of Spice

Pure ingredients | Generation old recipes | Performance focused blends

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Pyramid Chai Teabags


Looseleaf Chai Tea


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Our Mission is to enhance your body’s natural potential.

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100% Plants only.

No added flavours, fragrances or sugars.

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Energy | Detox | Immunity

A delicious cup of Chai is just the start.

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Power of Spices

Extensive Anti-inflammatory Properties

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