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I’m Dupinder, the Dupi behind Dupi’s Chai. I’m a mom, a wife and a wellness enthusiast on a mission to share my passion and experience of functional superfoods that lead to a stronger mind, body and spirit.

Dupi's Chai Team

Quality of Life

We all heard the saying, health is wealth; and it truly resonates when we’re struck with an illness or disease that impacts quality of life. My personal story is like that and goes back a few years when my seasonal allergies developed into a year-round sinusitis and debilitated my lifestyle as a working mom with young children. After two trips to the hospital emergency ward and facing surgery, I was stressed and in disbelief as to how quickly and severely my health has deteriorated. And, I was only in my 30s.

Modern Lifestyle Crisis

This was also the beginning of Dupi’s Chai. Scientists by trade, my husband Victor and I began looking at my symptoms, recognizing the root cause of my condition (and most other modern diseases) is inflammation and oxidative stress. Our search led us to natural and holistic approach used by traditional medicines that focused on plants as healing agents. And, spices were most potent plants of all used throughout history as corrective elixirs.

Chai Tea to the Rescue

Introducing spices into our diet reverted my sinusitis without surgery or any other pharmaceuticals. Spices also did wonders for Victor’s health, helping him to lose weight and improving overall quality of life. Through practical approach we found that drinking spices was simplest way of introducing them into our diet. The rest as they say is history.

Flavour and Function

Fast forward a few years, we have a line of wellness teas designed for health, diet flexibility, quality, taste and convenience. Just like in our home kitchen, we never add any flavours or sugars to our teas. Powerful spices are the stars of our chais but, presented in a balanced and delicious way. Majority of our customers drink our teas for taste alone and pleasantly surprised of the philosophy, history and modern science behind our spice tonics.

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