Power of Spice—Antioxidants

We take Chai back to it’s roots, when holistic spice elixirs was the main focus.


We maximize on the healing properties of spices, teas and herbs.

What sets us apart is our uncompromising commitment to functionality, taste and fragrance of all natural, whole ingredients.

We never add fragrances, flavours or sugars to our blends.

Handcrafted in Vancouver, British Columbia; our small batch creations are a unique and exclusive experience.


Across the world, traditional and alternative medicine practices such as Ayurvedic, Homeopathy and Naturopathy have been utilizing and exploring the health benefits of spices for thousands of years.

Modern day scientific research continuously identifies powerful health benefits found in spices to reduce risk and even treat some of the common illnesses, conditions and diseases.

We combine tradition and science to create functional and delicious blends to meet the modern day lifestyle demands.


Spices, herbs and tea are rich sources of antioxidants and phytonutrients; making them powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

We pride ourselves on being one of a kind and having 3x more spices then any other chai brand; equipment to 1/2 tsp of spice blend per serving.

Furthermore, our innovative and proprietary process maximizes on absorption of nutrients from our blends.

Chai Tea Vancouver 

DUPIsCHAI — Where East meets West

DUPIsCHAI Family Photo

DUPIsCHAI is the brain child of Dupinder (Dupi) and Victor Yablonsky. Scientists by trade and naturalists at heart were on a hunt for scientifically supported superfoods that boost energy levels, improve daily performance and assist with rest and recovery, in a holistic way.

Science links free radicals, oxidative stress and inflammation to the development and progression of most, if not all chronic human health conditions. These health conditions include minor ailments such as fatigue, stress and weight gain, as well as major diseases like cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s to name a few.

The solution to fight this modern day lifestyle crisis is Antioxidants.

Taking this information, Dupi and Victor started to bio hack their bodies with creative spice elixirs.

The final results are all natural, delicious, spice-rich Chai blends. To reap the benefits all you need to do is steep and enjoy!

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Mission and Philosophy

We believe the best remedies start with whole, plant-based ingredients—Nature.

A delicious and warming cup of Chai is the best preventive and healing medicine for the body, mind and soul.

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