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Arise Chai

@teaprouk did a live Insta story on our #arisechai last month so, we thought we share it in words here.  Thanks again Tatjana for the review!

First thing that really came to my attention was the sachets come in an outer envelope.  I do see some powder that comes out of the tea bags/sachets so, this is a very clever way to keep the blend intact.  Love the sachets, super cute and well done!

Brewed tea—smells really nice. Love the smell, it’s of sweet cinnamon. Cinnamon and cardamom are the most pronounced aromas here.

Taste—it tastes very smooth and rich, not overpowering or spicy.  I would steep it at least 5 minutes.  It is quite invigorating, and very nice to drink, especially as I’m jet lagged right now.  I’m enjoying this.  I will try this with a little bit of milk and honey after this review.  I think it will work really nicely to bring all the flavours together. Overall, it is a really nice chai tea

Convenient—I did a chai blend myself and it was so much work. From grinding the cardamom and cinnamon, adding the black tea…it took me about 1/2 hour to make a chai. This is a really nice alternative that only takes 5 minutes. It’s perfect for when you want to have chai quickly and don’t want to make your own brew and grind your own spices.

Recommend— I’m enjoying this.  So, check out DUPIsCHAI if you are a chai lover (I did tag her in my story), it’s cool to discover new brands.  And, you can see it’s done with love!

Dupi – Thank you Tatjana (@teaprouk) for reviewing our Arise Chai!  We are so pleased you enjoyed and noticed the love we put into our blend and packaging. A quick note on the outer envelope that houses our tea sachets: our chai blend is made of ground spices as it is done when making a traditional chai.  Some of the spices are finally ground to maximize on the absorption for health benefits.  We invite you to empty the leftover powder stuff (finally ground spices) into your cup along with the tea bag and enjoy :-).

DupisChai @teaproukTea Expert - London, England, @teaprouk

5+/5 stars

The extra boost was just enough in the tank to not failing sets #arisechai. I drink it after my coffee, it’s my new ritual Thanks Dupi! Love the tea!

Dupi — Kristian, you are such an amazing person and tremendous athlete! Thank you for taking the time to post and review our Chai blends!

Kristian is a 2020 Olympic Weightlifting hopeful and was looking for an all natural and healthy way to keep his energy up. So, I naturally discussed the health benefits of spices and the focus behind my Chai Blends. He loves the aroma, tastes and energy my Chai blends provide.

Be sure to check him out on IG @kriandrew22 — super motivating and entertaining stories!

DUPIsCHAI reviewKristian A. - Vancouver B.C. , @kriandrew22

5+/5 stars

I give this tea 5 plus stars!  I really enjoyed it from the first sip.  I don’t baptize my tea (French for—don’t add any sweetener or milk) and enjoyed it black.  A few sips in I noticed a warm feeling in my kidneys.  A wonderful warming effect. The taste, aroma and feeling of this tea are outstanding. I’m ready to order 20 boxes please.

Dupi—Thank you Chantel for this awesome review! Tea experiences like yours are precisely the reason behind our DUPIsCHAI. Our Arise Chai is a blend of 7-warming spices and tea. 100% natural ingredients, nothing else. We have a blog post on this but, in short—our selected spices are well researched to boost metabolism, improve blood circulation, improve brain function and much more.

Chantel H., New Brunswick

5/5 Stars

I am, what my friends call, a “tea snob”. I usually only drink loose tea, I order my Earl Grey from England, I have 3 tea shelves in my pantry and love a good cuppa. My co-worker gave me a couple sachets of DUPIs Chai (a generosity, I’m sure she regretted once tasting it)

One word – WOW!

I have tried MANY chai blends and Arise rises to the top!

Often, when life gets busy I have left my chai to steep too long and it gets bitter – not this one. I have steeped, I have boiled and both times no bitter bite to it. Just soothing…flavourful…calm.
This tea stands on it’s own – it is lovely black, or with milk & honey.
Honestly, I cannot say enough positive things about this tea.
Now, I’m going to try the loose tea. (although I will miss the lovely messages on the tea tags, such a thoughtful touch!)
Thank you for taking the time and care to make such a lovely blend.
With thanks, Pamela

Dupi – Dear Pamela, thank you so much for taking the time to review Arise! I love hearing your thoughts on the blend as this is precisely the taste and feeling I was after. As a Chai snob myself, I simply was unable to find a product that gave me the comfort of a homemade cuppa with all natural ingredients on the go. So, I created my own blend to share my love of Chai and, the health and wellness benefits that go with it – Power of Spices. I’m currently busy figuring out packaging details and updating some artwork for the brand. I hope to have our boxes on store shelves in the upcoming months. Right now, I’ve opened up online sales due to amazing interest and support by individuals like yourself. Thanks again!

Pamela D. (FB review), Vancouver, BC

5/5 stars

I’m not normally a huge tea drinker, but I love that Arise Chai can be incorporated into my morning routine to help give my mind and body the metabolism and cognition boost that I need. With a dash of almond milk and honey, Arise is also enjoyed as a moment of mindfulness for me in the midst my busy family life. I love the little quotes on the tea bags that can help direct my focus for the day. Arise is an easy way for me to add some body and mind self-care to my day.

Dupi—Thank you Kathrine for the testimonial! It’s excellent to have coffee drinkers on board.

Katherine P. (FB review), Surrey B.C.

5/5 stars

“I immediately noticed how fresh Arise Chai smelled and tasted.  Any chai lover will notice a big difference between Dupi’s Chai and mass-produced teas.  Highly recommend!

Dupi—Thank you Christa for the review!  Your palate is on point when it comes to tasting freshness and authenticity.  The freshness and taste of the spices shines due to our small batch preparation. 

Christa L. (FB review), Richmond, BC

5/5 stars

“I love the favour of this chai!  It’s a very warming and calming drink overall.  I really enjoyed the taste and fragrance of this chai, nothing like I’ve tasted before.”

Dupi—Thank you Beatrice for the review!  Your palate is spot on in terms of taste, and warming properties.  Our Arise chai is a unique product and there truly is nothing like it on the market.  It is the warm spices like cinnamon, ginger and cloves to name a few that gives you that felling of comfort and internal warmth.  We don’t use any added flavours or fragrances in our chai, what you smell is 100% natural spice fragrance without any added fragrance bombs (used in popular chai blends on the market).

Beatrice W., Richmond, BC

5/5 stars

Chai is Yummy! Everyone that tried it here loves it! Keep up the great work Dupinder.”

Dupi — Thank you Steveston RMTs, I’m so glad you guys enjoyed my Healthy and Fit Chai!


Jonathan D. and Friends, Richmond BC, RMTs

5/5 stars

I have started to incorporate tea into an afternoon routine. I found that the Arise has significantly helped in bringing calm and serenity to my often busy and scrambled mind at the end of the day. It begins with the anticipation of the amazing aroma that emanates from box upon opening. Once steeped, each sip seems to bring more calm. Although, most appear to enjoy it with almond milk or some other addition, I find it really nice without adding anything. It is great black!

Dupi—Thank you Rob for the awesome testimonial!

Rob D. (FB review), Vancouver B.C.

5/5 stars

I am an avid tea drinker, especially chai. Dupi’s chai is so aromatic and flavourful. The quality of ingredients is evident in every sip.

I love all the positive comments I get when serving this tea to friends and family. Hands down the best chai I have every had.

#1 Arise Chai Fan

Dupi—Thank you Tania for the testimonial! One of our goals with our Chai is to have a moment with each sip and we love hearing that.

Tania K. (FB review), Abbotsford, B.C.

5/5 stars

The first thing I noticed about this tea was the mouth watering aroma that wafted from the box. This tea is the real deal when it comes to chai. Perfectly spiced and natural. You can tell that there aren’t artificial flavours or ingredients in here. The little motivational notes on the tea bags are a cute addition. My favourite way is to enjoy this is to heat up almond milk on the stove while steeping a tea bag or two and adding a splash of honey. Delicious!

Dupi—Thank you Tiffany for the review! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Have an awesome day!

Tiffany T. (FB review), Vancouver B.C.

5/5 stars

I LOVE chai tea lattes and Dupi’s Chai Tea is so delicious and has such an amazing aroma that even my 11 year old said “what smells so good?!” I have even replaced my afternoon chocolate craving with a cup of this amazing treat. I am sure its wonderful plain but nothing is better than brewing it with a bit of milk.

Dupi—Thank you for the awesome review Marie!

Marie B. (FB review), Vancouver BC

5/5 stars

I am not a regular tea drinker but the fact that you could smell the tea without opening the box said it had amazing ingredients. This tea is so good that it has made me reconsider being an occasional tea drinker. My other family members (not tea drinkers) have now wanted a cup of Dupi’s Chai Tea now on the daily. Definitely worth a try if you haven’t tried it!

Dupi—Thank you Jen for the awesome feedback! Woohoo, another coffee drinker converted.

Jenn M. (FB review), Tsawwassen, B.C.

5/5 stars

I’ve been incorporating Dupi’s tea into my mid day routine and it’s AWESOME! It not only tastes great but I know it’s helping me stay on track and create healthy habits.

Dupi – Thank you Aman for the review! It’s awesome to hear you are making this part of a healthy lifestyle (as is my intention with this Chai).

Aman K. (FB review), Richmond B.C.

5/5 stars

We absolutely love the Arise tea. It is delicious using either boiling water or hot milk along with a little sugar to taste.

Dupi – Thank you Dave and Family for the review!

Dave D. and Family (FB review), Maple Ridge, B.C.

5/5 stars

Love this aromatic and flavorful tea! Kudos to this local company for focusing on natural ingredients with health benefits that are derived from traditional spices used in chai.

Dupi—Thank you Mandeep for the testimonial!

Mandeep A. (FB review), Surrey B.C.

5/5 stars

This tea is delicious! The aroma right when I pulled it out of the box is divine. Regular store bought tea never smells that good. Love it!

Dupi—Thank you Amar for the testimonial!

Amar T. (FB review), Surrey BC

5/5 stars

Am not a huge chai tea dood, but I really enjoyed this blend. Was quite tasty and enjoyable. 5 surfboards. 

Dupi—Thank you for the awesome review Otis!

Otis E. (FB review), Vancouver B.C.

4.5/5 stars

“I’m not much of a Tea or Chai drinker but was excited to try this product based on the health benefits stated. I was fully prepared with a spoon full of honey if need be, but to my pleasant surprise Arise Chai was smooth and delicious. I enjoyed it black, steeped in water with no added sweetener. There was a natural sweetness to it. I gave it 4.5 stars for the taste, pleasant fragrance, and most importantly the health benefits this delicious product contains.”

Dupi—Thank you John for your feedback!  The natural sweetness that Arise has is due to the spices—cinnamon, cardamon and fennel.  I masterfully blended these spices to have a natural sweetness along with a bite from the black pepper and coriander seeds (Savoy blend).  Black pepper is known to increase bioavailability of other spices hence, it’s addition here beyond just a delicious taste. 

John K. , Tsawwassen, BC

4.5/5 stars

Love the smell and the flavour of this chai!  It tastes great, a real treat to warm up with.  The fact that it’s all natural and good for the health makes me enjoy it even more.”

Dupi — Thank you Sydney for the feedback!  Our personal mission is the make healthy food easy and accessible to all in this busy modern day lifestyle.  From personal experience we can relate if something tastes delicious first and foremost and happens to be good for us, we all enjoy it even more.  This is what we were after, take only the best premium spices and tea for the health benefits and blend and blend until the perfect recipe is created.  Arise was created after numerous batches, and multiple focus group tasting. 

Sydney L. , Richmond BC,

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