Around the world, tea (or, coffee for others) is more than just a cup of warm liquid to start the day—it’s an integral part of the rhythm of life. 

Many of us in the West begin the morning by turning on an electric tea kettle or coffee machine to prepare our hot beverage of choice.  Over the years, this modern day ritual evolved from a comforting drink to a proper daily start.  We look for the caffeine boost along with smoothness from milk and sweetness from sugar.  Some of us also use a hot beverage to break up the day, relax the senses while enjoying its warm and soothing texture.  At Dupi’s Chai, we look forward to a strong start from our warm “masala chai” drink on cold, rainy Vancouver days.

The reality of busy schedules makes keeping healthy lifestyle an ongoing challenge.  One thing that would make our morning tea or coffee better is if it contained benefits extended into physical and mental categories.

Well, we are here to tell you that this is exactly the kind of thinking that lead us to create Arise Chai.

This liquid gold not only tastes and smells amazing, but also boosts overall metabolism by raising dietary induced thermogenesis and tapping into the body fat deposits.  Many other body systems benefit from this extra caloric expenditure by improving digestion, blood circulation and immunity.  The advantages also extend to the cognitive side, increasing focus, mental awareness and creative flow.  All of this from a single cup of our morning tea blend—Arise Chai.

The concept of Chai

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Centuries old legend has it that a cleansing, vivifying, healthy Ayurvedic drink was created by a Maharaja (King) in India.  It was served hot or cold, extensively steeped and boiled creating an elixir to remedy mild ailments.  Throughout generations this medicinal tonic was prepared using various methods, evolving into wide range of spice blend versions.  These ancient spice recipes are used today and are often referred to as the Masala Chai.

Tea and Spices — The Birth of Masala Chai

The original spicy-sweet “masala chai” medicinal drink recipe did not contain any tealeaves and was caffeine-free.  Tea leaves were introduced to indian chai during the British colonialism of India.  The British East India Company initiated a major campaign in India to drink tea and promoted regular tea time breaks for factory workers.  Steadily, local old customs of using spices began to merge with modern traditions of afternoon tea, leading to what we today lovingly call—Chai. 

It is this East meets West story that lead to creation of our Arise Chai. We wanted to move away for added artificial and “natural” flavours that are too often found in Chai blends across the West and take a more holistic, natural, approach as was done once long ago.  Our healthy concoction is masterfully blended with a mixture of Full-Bodied Black Tea and 7 Health-Benefiting Spices (Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Cloves, Fennel Seeds, Black Pepper and Coriander Seeds). 

It’s about the Spices—7 to be exact!

Spices have been at the heart and centre of world trade dating back to before the Christian era.  Early writings and stone age carvings obtained from India, depict the country as an established major spice trade centre as early as 3000 BC.  Merchants would closely guard their spice trade sources and tales of their origin.

Arise Chai is about the spices.  Throughout history spices have been used to heal vast array of body illnesses—from a minor cold to upwards of dementia.  The ongoing body of scientific research produces volumes of information containing substantial benefits for various body conditions, recoveries and preventions.  Stay tuned for future posts discussing such topics.

However, this isn’t new headlines, breakthrough research or cutting-edge drug development.  Using spices to heal the body dates back to 5000 BCE, as part of the Indian alternative medicine—Ayurveda.  At Dupi’s Chai, we integrated knowledge of spices used throughout ancient medicine with modern day laboratory tested research to produce optimal health promoting results.  After identifying the key ingredients, we masterfully blended specific spices with black tea producing full-bodied, spicy, fragrant and deliciously harmonious liquid that is smooth on the palate and good for the health. 

It’s about the Adventure!

In the West, Chai is continuously gaining popularity due to its exotic South Asian roots and flavourful spice content.  Most people order or make this type of beverage in form of a latte, often enjoyed with hot dairy milk, or other alternatives.  A warm drink with soothing texture and adventurous flavours and aromas is an opportunity to slow down the daily pace and take in the moment.  The only question remains is, why wait for a set time on the weekend or afternoon to have this amazing experience for your senses?  By making Arise Chai part of the morning ritual, you’ll experience all of these benefits and more.


It’s about Whole Ingredients

Many of the Chai blends available at local tea-coffee houses or big box stores use flavouring agents to bring out product’s aroma.  In the West, Chai is associated with bold fragrance, but in the East, this beverage must hold significant depth of not only smell but also taste.

Much of today’s food contains artificial agents and chemicals which produce a compounding affect on our health, contributing to increasing food sensitivities and year-round allergies.  It is quite discerning when more and more tea products use such flavouring chemicals and advertise the whole blend as “healthy”.  This was a major driving force behind creating Dup’s Chai Tea company and to move away from all kind of flavourings advertised as natural or artificial.  Our mission is to create products made with only WHOLE, NATURAL INGREDIENTS!

Our Chai blends have strong and deep roots, developed from century old recipes passed on between generational family members.  Along with decades of Chai and Masala preparation experience arose the first blend—we call it Arise Chai.  Our goal is simple; for you to enjoy the natural and flavourful cup of tea while maximizing full health benefits from all of the whole, natural ingredients. 

Cheers to your health and enjoy the moment with each cup!

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