At Dupi’s Chai, we seek to answer a more effective question of: which compounds (metabolized or otherwise) cross blood brain barrier (BBB) while preserving their active health properties?

The answer is polyphenols and their metabolized versions which maintain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity.

Brain Fog Fix

Our immune system uses inflammation to protect the body from injuries, infections and disease and initiates it once malfunction, trauma or foreign agents are detected.

Brain is no different from the rest of the body when it comes to being susceptible to damage from trauma, free radicals or chronic inflammation.

To combat any health issue, we often direct our focus towards diet. Such mindset is steadily becoming mainstream, as primary care providers prescribe patients healthy food choices, and hospitals in USA and United Kingdom adopting farm-to-hospital initiatives.[1]

We’ve known for long time that beyond just calories, foods possess nutrient values particularly in their antioxidant content. These phytonutrients reduce inflammation and shown to possess vast health benefits.

Diets, books and authors refer to foods high in antioxidants as superfoods.

Spiced Tea Benefits

It’s precisely this thinking that lead us to create our wellness in a cup Spiced Tea Blends (aka Chai with more purpose). Enjoy Arise tea as part of this delicious recipe to improve focus, cognition and overall healthy brain function.

Brain Power Drink | Chai Frappe Recipe

chai frappe in a tall glass

Product: Arise Powder or Arise Looseleaf

Serving: 1

1/2 Cup Oat Milk

1 tsp Arise Powder

1 Frozen Banana

1/2 tsp Coco Powder

Splash of Vanilla extract

1 cup Ice

. . .

Blend and serve chilled.

Option: garnish with chocolate sauce

Arise Chai Tea available as: Teabags, Looseleaf, Powder

Scientific formulated 7-Spice Brain Power tea blend: 2,500 mg / teabag

  • Black Tea promotes blood flow to brain
  • Cinnamon is a cognition booster
  • Ginger improve focus, memory and quicker response time
  • Cardamom reduces anxiety and other mood related disorders
  • Cloves reduce inflammation, improve memory and learning capacity
  • Fennel Seeds lead to better memory and cognition
  • Black Pepper increases happy hormones serotonin and dopamine
  • Coriander Seeds calm the brain and remedy against headaches

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