Many chai smoothies and frappe recipe ask you to steep the chai or make a latte. But, this recipe is all the flavour and none of the extra work.

At Dupi’s Chai, we use more Spice:Tea ratio hence flavour shines even without steeping the chai blend in a hot liquid. A bonus, by consuming the whole chai mixture you are increasing the superfood nutrients and health benefits.

Arise Chai Smoothie | Iced Chocolatey Coco

coco chai smoothie

Customer Photo: Jeannelle G.

Wether you are a chai fan or just looking to add more polyphenol-rich superfoods to your diet, this is the recipe for you!

Is it a treat, dessert or superfood smoothie—we think it’s all the above. Try it and tell us what you think—we will await your comments!

Serving: 1


1/2 cup of cold milk (substitute your choice plant-based beverage)

1 tsp of ARISE Chai Looseleaf or, 1/2 tsp of ARISE Chai Powder (1 Teabags*)

1 frozen banana

1 tsp of Coco Powder

2-3 sweet Dates (substitute: sweetener of choice)

1/2 cup of Ice

Don’t have Looseleaf on hand, not to worry. Tear open and empty contents of 1 teabag / serving. Be sure to discard the empty teabag shell—only inside chai contents needed.

– – – 


Add above ingredients to a blend starting with the ice and frozen banana, add in the rest.

Blend until smooth and enjoy chilled!

We use the vitamix, cold drink option but, any powerful ice crusher blender will do.

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