Wether it’s weight-loss, immune support, or improved energy levels the Gut or GI track is at the centre of it all.

The gut plays important roles in creating essential nutrients that we can’t live without, improving function of organs, and combating pathogens, infection and disease.

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Strong GI system (Gut) has been linked to numerous total body health benefits including greater immunity, lower inflammation, and decrease of metabolic diseases, cancers and neurodegeneration.

To do all these things, the body hosts trillions of micro-organisms that make up the microbiome (also known as gut flora). This unique environment of unicellular organisms is super important to overall health and needs to be balanced through proper foods or polyphenols.

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For this post, let’s take your green smoothie to SUPERFOOD status with addition of our POWERFUL Elevate Gut Support Chai Tea Blend.

Elevate Chai Tea Teabags; Loose Leaf; Powder Blend (coming soon)

Scientifically formulated 5-Spice Gut Support Blend: 1,250 mg spices / teabag

  • Black Tea helps weight-loss, improves good gut bacteria.
  • Ginger eases stomach pains, improves digestion.
  • Cinnamon balances blood sugar levels.
  • Cardamom combats harmful bacteria.
  • Nutmeg soothes the gut, enhances digestive processes.
  • Star Anise stops dangerous bacteria.
Elevate Gut Power Tea

Elevate your Gut | Chai Tea (Green Smoothie) Recipe

This nutritious and delicious recipe takes your everyday green smoothie to superfood status with Dupi’s Chai Elevate Blend (black tea + 5 specifically selected gut support spices).

Makes 2 large 16oz Servings


Gut Healthy Polyphenols:

Elevate Chai Blend (2 Teabags [contents only]* or 2 tsp Looseleaf or 1tsp Powder)


2 cups Spinach leaves (pre-washed, baby spinach works great here)

1 Banana


1/2 tsp of Coco Powder (opt for good quality dark chocolate one)

2 tbsp of Peanut Butter (suggestion: natural variety with minimal sugar and salt)

1 tbsp of Hemp Hearts (optional)


Protein Powder (your choice we prefer Chocolate flavour)


1 cup of Ice

1 cup of water (adjust to taste)

1 cup of plant-based beverage like oat mylk (optional)

  • Teabags: rip open 2 teabags and use the inside contents only + extra spices from the outer plastic envelope. Discard the plastic outer envelope and silk like pouch after tea contents have been removed.

Blender Notes: we use the Vitamix, dessert setting for this but, any strong blender that can crush ice will work.


Add above ingredients into blender and mix until smooth or desired consistency. Add water in portions to get the consists you like. The above will give you a runny smoothie, which we prefer.

Watch our creative director, Victor, prepare this nutritious and delicious recipe on YouTube.

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