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Benefits of Dupi’s Chai Teas

Dupi's Chai teabags and loose leaf teasWhy “Chai” over Tea or Coffee?

  • Plant-based drinks like tea and coffee are a rich source of healthy bioactive compounds known as polyphenols. In fact, in the West majority of polyphenol intake is via tea or coffee consumption.
  • Did you know that spices are an even better and superior source of these polyphenols and many of these bioactive compounds act as natural antioxidants?
  • Recent science-backed support of bioactive compounds in spices like curcumin in turmeric, gingerols and shogaols in ginger have many drinking turmeric lattes and adding ginger to smoothies.
  • Furthermore, we are all busy and looking for more Functional Drinks that save us time, carry multiple health benefits, and if they taste great creating a unique experience even better.
  • Enter Chai (Tea+Spices)—traditionally made by creating and brewing spice tonics for vigour, energy and heal mild aliments. An ancient tale speaks of a King looking for a vivifying drink to stay alert during long proceeding and chai was his creation. It is this spice-rich tonic chai that is superior in health benefits to plain tea or coffee.

Why Dupi’s Chai over The Other Guys?

  • Dupi’s Chai is inspired by ancient and traditional spice-tonics with a modern twist in flavours and application.
  • Our Chai blends are as much about what goes into them, as what we don’t add.
  • Our philosophy is polyphenol-rich functional drinks to combat inflammation caused by modern day lifestyle stresses.
  • Our focus is on diet-flexibility and real-ingredients not “natural” flavours like the other guys.
  • Today’s chai is known primary as an overly milky and sugary black tea concoction infused with fragrant spices like cardamom.
  • Many brands don’t even add real spices but substitute them with artificial or “natural” flavours or essence to create the experience without any substance or health benefits. 
  • Furthermore, other brands add milk powders and primary ingredient is often sugar.

What exactly is the Dupi’s Chai difference?

  • Functional and flavourful teas that do more.
  • 3x more polyphenol-rich spices than any of our competitors.
  • More Spice to Tea ratio per serving, maximizing on nutrients.
  • No added flavours or sugars of any kind for superior diet-flexibility.
  • Freshly-ground spices and exclusive small-batch blends.
  • Evidence-backed ingredients inspired by Ancient wisdom, read more on our blog.
  • Flavourful and versatile—enjoy them simply steeped in water, as a luxurious cafe latte and many more delicious recipes posted on our blog.
  • Quality control is a priority and we are proudly Made in Canada.

Dupi’s Chai Teas vs. Coffee Shop Chai?

  • Dupi’s Chai blends are made with real, quality ingredients and no added sugar, milk or flavours.
  • Coffee shop Chai is loaded with calorie-rich and highly processed syrups. The focus of cafes is palatability and flavour and often this is accomplished with copious amount of sugar and sweeteners alike.

Powder or RTD (ready-to-drink) Chai Latte mixes—they surely have spices?

  • You would think so…but, spices are often twice the price of teas, and thus most pre-made chai mixes substitute real ingredients with artificial or “natural” flavours. These flavour additives are chemicals designed to mimic the taste but, not the health benefits of real spices.
  • Furthermore, to extend the shelf-life, pre-made chai mixes and tetra packs contain preservatives and copious amounts of sugar, syrup or sweetener.

Dupi’s Chai Teabags vs. The Other Guys?

  • The type of teabag is important to maximize on nutrient and flavour extraction but also, the ingredients inside are just as important. As cost-effective alternative, many other guy’s teabags contain minimal to no real spices while enhancing aromas and taste of real ingredients with added flavours.
  • The main focus of the other guys is “chai feel” and not functionality. Hence, they try to create that by adding spice essence, artificial/natural flavours rather than real ingredients.
  • The other part is the visual appeal which takes precedence over functionality. Many companies will add a whole piece of clove or cinnamon that looks pretty but has little nutrient value unless you eat it. As with most plants, the active ingredients are housed inside and spices are no different. To access potent phytonutrients, spices need a specific grind size to extract both flavour and wellness properties.
  • Price point is everything for mainstream companies. So, they add little to no spice content and spray product with artificial/natural flavours to meet their objectives. 
  • This is the reason we created Dupi’s Chai Functional Teas—the only one of its kind with real ingredients, 3x more freshly ground spices, blended in small batches, with no added flavours or sweeteners of any kind. Simply steep and enjoy all the spice benefits, while seeing, smelling and tasting the difference.


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