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fortify chai benefits

At DUPIsCHAI, we recapture the extensive and diverse history of chai by focusing on the wholeness of spices and their power to heal and restore.

Our Fortify Chai blend is made with premium green tea, potent holy basil (tulsi) and freshly ground selected spices—these ingredients have been well researched and documented by scientists to provide powerful restorative benefits such as balance hormones, improve immunity, combat stress, anti-depression properties amongst various others.

Fortify blend is our contemporary take on the traditional “golden milk” beverage. Strong-flavoured and robust spices like turmeric, ginger and black pepper are foreign to most western palettes and may not be easily enjoyed. Our Fortify, ginger turmeric tonic, is handcrafted and masterfully created to release its uplifting characteristics and nuanced aromas, simply steep this in hot water like any of our other chai blends.

For us, this warming blend is designed for health and as a bonus, is sure to ease your mind and body. Fortify can be enjoyed as a pleasant evening delight or as a tranquil pause at any time of day.

Below is a highlight of the wellness benefits of green tea, holy basil (tulsi) and the five spices that make up our Fortify Chai. (some references in links, more will be posted soon)


green tea benefits fortify chai
  • high in polyphenols—about 30% by weight
  • increases fat burning and boosts metabolic rate
  • high antioxidant levels may lower risk of cancer
  • protects brain health and may lower risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • strengths the immune system
  • fights inflammation due to high amount of catechin called EGCG

Hight in antioxidants, catechins and tannins:

  • prevent DNA damage
  • prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • decrease cancer risk
  • benefit the immune system
  • reduce blood pressure
  • treat diarrhea
  • relieve asthma
  • improve digestion
  • improve oral health
  • nourishes the skin

Green Tea article and references


holy basil tulsi benefits fortify chai
  • utilized for over 3,000 years for it’s therapeutic power; it’s often referred to as “The Queen of Herbs”
  • normalizes blood sugar and cortisol levels
  • balances hormones
  • lowers stress and anxiety levels
  • powerful anti-inflammatory agent due to it’s active ingredient eugenol
  • helps diabetes and blood sugar imbalance
  • anti-cancer properties due to number of phytochemicals 
  • increases immune function
  • assists with histamine intolerance

Holy Basil (tulsi) article and references 


ground cinnamon on spoon dark background
  • ranks #1 out of 26 most popular herbs and medicinal spices in the world in terms of protective antioxidant levels
  • defends against cognitive decline and protects brain function
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • anti-diabetic properties—helps fight diabetes
  • anti-microbial properties—fights infections and viruses
  • immunity-boosting
  • cancer and heart disease protecting abilities
  • protects dental health and freshens breath naturally

Cinnamon article and references


turmeric benefits fortify chai

  • Curcumin – contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties
  • anti-inflammatory properties that match the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs
  • high in antioxidants thereby fight damage done by free radicals
  • improves brain function and lowers risk of brain diseases
  • lowers risk of heart disease
  • helps prevent (and, perhaps even treat) cancer

Turmeric article and references


ginger root cut, bright
  • high levels of antioxidants— gingerols and shogaols
  • helps treat nausea
  • fights fungal infections
  • regulates blood sugar
  • anti-inflammatory properties—relieves joint and muscle pain
  • improves cardiovascular health—lowers cholesterol levels
  • improves brain function
  • promotes proper digestion
  • promotes cold and flu relief by diaphoretic effect

Ginger article and references 


benefits of fennel seeds
  • helps regulate blood pressure
  • reduces water retention and blotting
  • promotes relief from IBS and bloating
  • reduce asthma systems
  • helps purify blood
  • improves eyesight
  • calms the nerves and promotes mental clarity
  • improves skin complexion—fights acne
  • protects from cancer
  • combats bad breath

Fennel article and references


black and white pepper on spoons
  • improves digestion
  • assists with weight loss
  • provides respiratory relief
  • anti-bacterial quality
  • anti-oxidant potential
  • enhances bioavailability of other herbs and spices
  • improves cognitive function  

Black Pepper article and references

Final Thoughts

To extract full flavour and maximize on the health benefits, spices need to be ground and steeped in hot water to release their nutrients. With a focus on Power of Spice, our Fortify Chai ratio is 1:2 tea and herb/spices— 5 whole spices, freshly ground and packaged for your convenience in small batches—maximizing on the nutrients. Our freshly ground spices allow for a faster steep and release of bioactive nutrients including phytochemicals, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. 

For your health, we bring you more spice with our Fortify Chai—health in a cup!

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