Since ancient times, Ayurvedic support for spices like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and nootropic herbs like tulsi to carry health benefits and heal mild aliments continues. Today, evidence-based science has identified numerous active phytonutrients within each spice and herb that act as powerful antioxidants to disable free radicals, reduce inflammation, protect cells from damage and fight many infections, diseases and harmful conditions.

In addition, a purposefully crafted chai tea carries benefits like heart health, digestion, stabilizing hormones, lowering blood sugar, strengthening immunity and many more.

It all comes down to the type and amount of spices, herbs and teas in the blend.

Focus & Energy

7-spice black tea blend

Arise Brain Boost Tea box

Detox & Digestion

5-spice black tea blend

Elevate Gut Power Tea

Sleep & Immunity

6-spice green tea blend

Fortify Immunity Restore Tea

Tea + more Spices = Dupi’s Chai

Not all chai blends are created equal as many companies shortchange their versions of this traditional drink using flavours and sprays to create the feel without substance. Health benefits of chai come from wide range of active ingredients found within spices and herbs. These ingredients possess compounds called polyphenols which are released during the brewing process.

Follow these tips in selecting the perfect health-focused Chai:

  • Quality and Quantity of Ingredients: no dust, presses or extracts; opt for blends made using whole teas, spices and herbs.
  • More Spices: as most potent superfoods spices have numerous benefits that fight inflammation; so consider ingredient list along with price. 
  • No Sugar: often the primary ingredient in Chai tea is sugar or sweetener substitute. Sugar chemicals alike have been linked to cascade of health issues and should be avoided at all costs. Look for a sugar-free chai and add sweetener to taste if desired.
  • No “natural” or artificial Flavours: majority of Chai tea brands spray their blends with spice essence, flavours and alike rather than adding real ingredients. This cost saving strategy negates many associated health benefits.

Dupi’s Chai blends are created with the above in mind:

  • 3X more freshly-ground spices
  • More spice to tea ratio
  • Flavourful herb, spice and tea combinations
  • No sugar or “natural” / artificial flavours
  • Traditionally inspired and scientifically formulated
  • Low-calorie, simply steep in water and enjoy

Future of Chai Tea

Since ancient times our ancestors used nature and plants in everyday life and health. Chai is a beverage that comes from such traditions and continues to evolve into numerous recipes using various plant-based ingredients. This centuries old drink comprised of teas, spices and herbs continues to entice our tastebuds all while adding to overall wellbeing.

Chai is the perfect fit for any plant-forward diet lifestyle.

Another popular component of chai is relaxation. British introduced tea time to Indian culture which quickly became a national tradition for braking up the day with rest periods. Each cup of chai is more than just a sweet and creamy beverage, but an opportunity to press pause on the modern hectic schedules. 

With all of the daily stresses, each of us can use some personal time to calm the mind, strengthen systems, and revive inner spirits.

Chai’s future is bright and full of possibilities. The new-old creations of chai made with green tea (traditionally used in Kashmir and Jammu areas) are steadily growing into mainstream. Inspired by such traditions, we infused Green Tea with nootropic herbs like Tulsi along with anti-inflammatory Turmeric spice that taste great hot or cold, while creating exotically unique yet familiar experience.

If you have yet to try Chai, we suggest you visit our shop and order the Best Healthy Chai Tea Online!



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