Arise (7-spice Masala Chai) Powder


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7-Spice (Masala Chai Tea) Powder

flavourful | spicy | intense

Flavour: Cinnamon and Ginger Black Tea

Ingredients: Black Tea (premium CTC blend), Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Cloves, Fennel, Black Pepper, Coriander Seeds.

  • 100% Ingredient focused
  • More Spice:Tea ratio
  • 3x more spices
  • No “natural” or artificial flavours
  • No Sugar

*Note: there will be some “grit” left in the bottom of the cup if stepping as a tea or latte.


NOTE: This is a 100% natural product—not proceed, dehydrated and re-constituted like other chai powder (these are often loaded with sugar, modified milk ingredients and added flavours).

We simply take our looseleaf chai blend and finely grind it, maximizing on the nutrient value of the ingredients; you’re drinking the whole tea leaves and spices not just the steeped liquid.

As a result, there will be some “grit” left in the bottom of the cup if stepping as a tea or latte. We suggest, mixing the liquid often while drinking and/or adding these powders to your favourite foods and smoothies.

Serving: 1/2 tsp of powder to 250 ml (1 cup) of hot water. Adjust blend to water amount for preferred taste, add more blend less water for a stronger cup and visa versa.

Additional information

Weight55 g
Dimensions20.5 × 13 × 2.5 cm

100g, 200g


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