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    3 teabags

    1 each of Arise, Elevate and Fortify blend + a colourful Recipe Card + 15% off promo code. 

    Perfect as party favours, stocking stuffer, thank you, gift basket sampler.

    We love to keep these on hand for those last minute tea-to-go kindness gifts. 
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    Masala Chai / Spiced Tea Sampler

    Classic Masala | Exotic Spiced | Green Chai

    BUY 2 GET 1 Sale (select 3 Boxes option below)

    Dupi’s Chai Exclusive:

    • GOOD FOR YOU SPICED TEA SAMPLER | Loaded with 3x more dynamic spices that enhance total body functions from sustainable energy to deeper sleep.
    • TAKE A PEACE & SERENITY MOMENT | Served in premium cafes, now you can enjoy first thing in the morning during your meditation to perfectly start the day and unwind anytime with a cafe experience at home.
    • SUGAR-FREE FASTING TEAS | No digestible calories and plenty of metabolic boosting ingredients to enhance natural ketosis while keeping you satiated. No added flavours or sugars of any kind.
    • RE-HEAT, DOUBLE STEEP | Smooth and balanced favour, our selected teas allow extensive steeping without bitterness. Even when microwaved, each cup comes out delicious.
    • AROMATIC, FLAVOURFUL, FRESH | non-plastic, eco-friendly pyramid teabags for maximum nutrient extraction, individually wrapped for freshness, safety and grab-and-go ease.
    • PREMIUM TEA GIFT | Self Gift, Hostess Gift, Tea Parties, Party Favours, Complements any Tea Set.
    • CANADIAN EH | Packaged in Canada, South Asian female owned and operated, mama-preneur business.
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    Elevate (Exotic 5-Spice Chai) Looseleaf


    Exotic 5-Spiced Chai | Star Anise Tea

    33% Off when you BUY 2

    bold | fresh | vigorous

    Ingredients: Black Tea (Barooti Assam, broken leaf with golden tips), Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Star Anise.

    • 100% Ingredient focused
    • More Spice:Tea ratio
    • 3x more spices
    • No “natural” or artificial flavours
    • No Sugar


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