A classic homestyle chai is made by cooking the water, tea and milk over the stove on high heat. The word masala simply means spice mixture so, when added to a classic chai, the beverage is referred to as masala chai.

Now, if you’ve heard the word Cha and wondering where is the ‘i’…Cha is the Punjabi pronunciation and Chai is Hindi.

With these cultural basics out of the way, this is a super simple recipe that takes the work out of buying and storing 7 different spices, paring them with the right tea and other considerations.

Dupi’s Chai blends, simple steps below is all you need to take a trip to the exotic (in Chai feels anyway).

Stovetop Chai Tea Recipe (Indian Masala Chai)

indian masala chai in stovetop pot

Serving: 1 large cup


1 Chai Teabags or, 1 tsp of Looseleaf (we recommend our Arise Blend for this recipe)

Secret Ingredient:  1/2 teabag or 1/2 tsp of black tea (english breakfast style)

1.5 cup of water

0.25 – 0.5 cup of milk (substitute plant based)*

Option: 1/2 tsp of grated ginger (for an extra “spicy” chai)

Option: sweetener of choice (simple cane sugar works best)

  • Often plant based milks don’t handle well at high temperature. If using almond or oat beverage slowly heat the mixture and do not boil at the final step.


To a small, stovetop safe pot add:

Arise Teabags + extra black tea.

Add in the optional grated ginger.

Add 1.5 cups of cold water.

Heat mixture for about 5-7 minutes until boiling.

Add in the milk and bring to another boil.

Add in the sweetener, strain or remove the teabags/ginger.

Enjoy warm or, cool and store in the fridge for an iced chai option later.

Pro Tip:

Secret to a traditional stovetop chai is “cooking” of the tea and milk. So, feel free to stand by the stove, boil and stir for a long as you like. The longer you stir and cook the Chai the stronger the flavour, fragrance and experience.

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